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Bank 1884 Food & Spirits, The
The Bank 1884 Food & Spirits has been serving up local residents and Port Austin area tourists alike with fine foods and service since 1984.
8646 Lake St.
Port Austin, MI 48467

Bird Creek Farm and Tap Room
It's a site-brewed taproom, a delectable restaurant, and a real farm.
282 Grindstone Rd.
Port Austin, MI 48467

1890 Port Austin Rd
Port Austin, MI 48467

Captain Morgan’s Grindstone Bar & Grill  Waterfront
Cook your catch! Or order from the menu, either way you'll have a great meal!
3337 Pointe Aux Barques Rd
Port Austin, MI 48467

Farm Restaurant, The
The Farm Restaurant features fresh seasonal food from the owner’s private garden on the property
699 Port Crescent Rd.
Port Austin, MI 48467

Garfield Inn
The Garfield Inn, a National Historic Site, awaits your company!
8544 Lake Street
Port Austin, MI 48467

Green Clean Bean Expresso Bar
Coffee/Espresso Bar
124 East Spring St.
Port Austin, MI 48467

Joe’s Pizzeria
Joe’s Pizzeria has been family owned and operated for over 30 years.
989-738-8711 or 989-738-1105
8725 Lake St.
Port Austin, MI 48467

Lake Street Emporium
Lunch, dessert and gifts…you’ll get it all here at the Lake Street Emporium!
8687 Lake St.
Port Austin, MI 48467

Landing Tavern, The
Established in 1991, The Landing Tavern has been dishing up delicious dishes for over 20 years.
8724 Lake St.
Port Austin, MI 48467

Lighthouse Café, The
The Lighthouse Cafe menu features homemade breads, potatoes, sausages, burgers, chili and much more.
44 W. Spring St.
Port Austin, MI 48467

Pak’s Backyard Cafe and Beer Garden  Waterfront
Eat quality food, drink craft beer, play and engage socially in a unique and thoughtful setting.
119 E. Spring St
Port Austin, MI 48467

Shelley's Bar & Grill/ JJ's Party Store
Great food and drinks in a relaxing atmosphere.
8745 Pearson Rd.
Grindstone City, MI 48467

Sportsman’s Inn
Sportman’s Inn is situated in the center of their downtown district and is a cozy family restaurant.
8708 Lake St.
Port Austin, MI 48467

Stock Pot, The
The Stock Pot, in the heart of Port Austin’s downtown district, serves up a full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu with affordable pricing for the whole family!
8714 Lake St.
Port Austin, MI 48467

TOLL FREE: 800-852-4242  LOCAL: 810-987-8687

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