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Anchor Point Bistro
The Anchor Point (TAP) Bistro strives to be a universally respected heartier / healthier food alternative to an overly saturated fast food environment.
201 N Riverside Ave B7-2
St. Clair, MI 48079

Black & Bleu BBQ
Offering barbecue (smoked in-house), and many ever-changing culinary innovations.
1179 S. Carney Dr.
St. Clair, MI 48079

Bub N Ella’s / Grape & Cheddar
“Cooking is our passion, we hope eating is yours!”
201 N Riverside Ave
St. Clair, MI 48079

Dragon Wok
Dragon Wok specializes in all your favorite traditional Chinese dishes.
201 N. Riverside Ave.
St. Clair, MI 48079

Drifter's Restaurant and Lounge
Drifter's Restaurant and Lounge offers a wide variety of traditional and American fare.
201 N Riverside Ave
St Clair, MI 48079

LaCroix’s Riverside Pub
LaCroix’s Riverside Pub, is known as the “Hometown Gathering Place”, where friends and family meet to enjoy good food and drink.
314 Clinton Ave.
St. Clair, MI 48079

London’s Ice Cream Parlor
Athanasia Mantas’s passion for ice cream is reflected in her store.
201 N Riverside Ave
St. Clair, MI 48079

Mannina's Wine House
Enjoy the small-town atmosphere and mingle with fellow wine enthusiasts while soaking in the local culture.
201 N. Riverside Ave
St Clair, MI 48079

Murphy Inn
The Murphy Inn is a charming Colonial Inn offering the best in food, spirits and lodging.
505 Clinton Ave.
St. Clair, MI 48079

Pepper Joe’s   Waterfront
Enjoy casual dining and lounge overlooking the Pine River. Wide menu of appetizers, entrees and drink specials.
119 Clinton Ave
St Clair, MI 48079

River Crab Restaurant   Waterfront
Savor fresh fish and seafood selections, beef and chicken entrées, homemade pasta and world-class service.
1337 River Rd
St Clair, MI 48079

St. Clair Coney Island
St. Clair Coney Island, a casual restaurant in the heart of downtown.
201 N. Riverside Ave.
St. Clair, MI 48079

Voyageur  Waterfront
The Voyageur Restaurant, flanking the St. Clair River, grants an elegant view of the waterway, with fine cuisine that compliment the fresh landscape.
525 S Riverside Ave
St Clair, MI 48079

Voyageur Sports Bar & Grill
After playing ten frames or so at the St. Clair River Lanes, sit back and relax with at their Voyageur Sports Bar.
525 South Riverside Ave
St Clair, MI 48079

TOLL FREE: 800-852-4242  LOCAL: 810-987-8687

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