Underwater Preserves - Thumbcoast Shipwreck Diving
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Underwater Preserves - Thumbcoast Shipwreck Diving

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Michigan's Thumbcoast Underwater Preserves

  1. Thumb Area Bottomland Underwater Preserve - Lake Huron. There are 10 major shipwrecks in the 276 sq. mile of the tip of thumb. Besides shipwrecks, this area has caves created by eroded limestone near the edge of the reef of the Port Austin Lighthouse.

  2. Sanilac Shores Underwater Preserve - Lake Huron. This area holds some of the most interesting discoveries in the bottomland preserves such as the Regina, the Sport and more advanced dives, the Checotah and New York among many others. The preserve stretches along Lake Huron's long western shore.  This particular spot was a perilous journey for many ships and is now home to many historical shipwrecks. This underwater preserve is popular with sport divers because of the large number of shipwrecks within recreational diving limits. At least 16 shipwrecks lie above 120 feet. Thanks to the strict legal regulations forbidding the removal of artifacts and the conscientious adherence by divers to the preservation laws, shipwreck diving in Michigan's Great Lakes is some of the best in the world.

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