Be a Tourist in Your Own Town
6/3/2017 - 10:00 AM to 6/3/2017 - 4:00 PM
Port Huron -
Port Huron, MI 48060

Be a Tourist in Your Own Town, June 3, 2017 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., a chance for visitors and area residents to discover and rediscover the attractions and history that brands Port Huron the Maritime Capital of the Great Lakes.  A family day filled with fun and lots to do and see.  Blue Water Area residents are encouraged to “Bring a Tourist” so they can learn about the area’s offerings and come back with their friends and family.  

The event will feature many of Port Huron’s signature attractions. Drive or ride the free trolleys and buses that will run continuously between points of interest, get on and off as you wish.  Explore the River Walk, tour Michigan’s oldest working lighthouse, see how a Sea Cadet training ship operates, learn the history of ice harvesting, see the original train depot Thomas Edison worked in as a young inventor and take part in kids science activities. There is something for everyone to enjoy. Port Huron has a variety of downtown restaurants and a collection of art sculptures located throughout the city.  

Most attractions are free or discounted for the day.

1. Blue Water Sturgeon Festival and Huron Lady
2. Vantage Point - Sturgeon Festival hub, Flower Market, and much more, explore the River.
3. Bluewater Are Transit Depot—Tourist Bus Transfer to north and south attractions—audio history.
4. CGC Bramble - Visit this former Coast Guard vessel and the rich history of the past, $5.00
5. YMCA of the Blue Water Area  - Demonstrations
6. The Grayfox - Tour a former Navy ship and  watch Sea Cadet Boatswain demonstrations 
7. Studio 1219 - View art exhibits, pottery and stained glass demos and some special demonstrations
8. Knowlton Ice Museum of North America - History of ice harvesting , short film, kid’s crafts
9. SC4 Tower - Free Tower Tour.  Climb the 188 steps for a birds eye view of the City.
10. SC4 Nasr Natural Science Museum—Free hands on activities, along with hundreds of artifacts and    exhibits spanning Earth’s history.
11. SC4 Fine Arts Building Galleries- Sketches to Sculptures, Rendered Reality, Sixty Years with Marshall M. Fredericks.
12. Woman’s Life building - Tour this historic building and learn some vivid history of Port Huron.
13. Huron Lightship - Tour the last lightship to operate on the Great Lakes $3 each person Or family maximum (2 adults, up to 4 kids) $10.00.
14. Thomas Edison Depot Museum - Visit the actual Depot where Thomas Edison worked $3 each person Or family max (2 adults, up to 4 kids) $10.00.
15. Port Huron Schools Robotics Demonstration - Watch the FRC Team 3667. The Mecanum Knights, demonstrate a variety of robotics technology, in front of the YMCA.
16. Fort Gratiot Light Station Tower Climb—See the real “View of the Blue” $5.00 per person. Closed shoes only, no flip flops sandals for your safety.


 This year, we will provide you some themes; Art Walk, Museum, Maritime, Sturgeon Festival, Taste of Port Huron.  Look for some maps of the different tours.

For example, If you like the Art tour, start at the historic CGC Bramble or Womens Life Building and head toward Studio 1219 (awesome).  Down toward town a short walk is the SC4 artwork of Marshall Fredericks “Sketched to Sculptures” and the Nasr Natural Science Museum. Finish off with a walk up the SC4 Tower. Then head over to the Ice Museum.  Try some of the food on Main Street. Finish off with a visit to the Maritime Center.  We expect to many venues where you will want to stop along the way and visit.

Some of the favorite events return such as narrated trolley tours, the Huron lightship, the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse, Grayfox Sea Cadet Ship amd CGC Bramble.

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