Barn Art Project Port Austin
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Barn Art Project Port Austin

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52 Stoddard Rd.
Port Austin, MI 48467
Regions: Port Austin
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The completed barns are at 3 locations with 4 art projects completed of this ongoing conceptual art project. These barns are on private property but the art can be seen roadside, for your safety you are asked to stay off and away from the barns and the owners are not responsible for personal injury.

"Walden" & "American Gothic" murals are located on each end of a 50' tall barn at 52 Stoddard Rd., Port Austin. Completed in 2013 by the Hygienic Dress League (HDL.) The "Walden" mural is a pigeon and the HDL logo. The "American Gothic" mural is a take/spoof from the classic farmer & his daughter with a pitchfork painting by Grant Wood. The HDL version of the mural features the man and woman in a suit with gas-masks.

The "Emergency Ark" sculpture installation was done in 2015 and located at 3598 Fehner Rd., Port Austin. Scott Hocking, the artist, took this deteriorating gothic style 1890's barn and re-built it created a free-standing sculpture.

"Secret Sky" by Catie Newell re-configured a barn by cutting through the barn to allow for the sky to pass through. This was completed in 2019 and located at 5201 N. Pinnebog Rd., Kinde MI.

Photo credits | Secret Sky photo summertime, Architect's Newspaper. Walden, American Gothic, Emergency Ark summer photos, Greater Port Austin Art & Placemaking. Winter photos of all the locations by the Blue Water Area CVB.

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