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Haunted M25 Trail in Michigan’s ThumbCoast

Have you ever gotten an eerie feeling from someplace you’ve been? According to some mortals, ghost haunts and paranormal activity is prevalent in Michigan’s Thumb. If you dare, take a tour of these spine-tingling spooky M25 locations we dug up just for you.* Make your final arrangements today to visit.

Haunted M25 Trail Locations

  1. The Morrow Road Legend | Clay Township
  2. Marine City Historic City Hall | Marine City
  3. Murphy Inn | St. Clair
  4. Port Huron Museum Kammer Cabin | Port Huron
  5. Fort Gratiot Lighthouse | Port Huron
  6. The Cadillac House Inn & Tavern | Lexington
  7. The Legend of Minnie Quay | Forester Cemetery & Shoreline
  8. Haunted Pointe Aux Barques Lighthouse | Port Hope
“Around 45% of Americans believe in ghosts and as many as 18% of people will go so far as to say they have had contact with a ghost.”

According to Scientific American’s ‘6 Possible Scientific Reasons for Ghosts’ article, February 2019.

1. The Morrow Road Legend goes back to the 1800’s when a woman passed away searching for her lost child. Many claim they see her at night along the road calling out for her child. Visit Paranormal Video Archive or Michigan’s Otherside for their takes on the story.

Photo: Paranormal Video

2. Marine City Hall was the former location of the city offices but has remained vacant since 2005 with on-going renovations. According to the Friends of City Hall members, a haunt was present and they called in a paranormal investigation group. The local newspaper covered the story, click here to read all about it.

Photo: Marine City Hall

3. The Murphy Inn is one of the oldest boarding houses in Michigan, built in 1836 and has remained a place to stay the night since then. There are many accounts of haunting’s in the rooms upstairs and even in the basement. Story & videos by John Robinson and the Voice News.

Photo: Murphy Inn

4. Port Huron Museum has a log cabin on it’s Carnegie Hall property that has been thought to be haunted. In fact, you can take part in the upcoming paranormal investigation with Detroit Rock City on Oct. 17, 2020. Tickets at Eventbrite, limited availability.

Photo: PH Museum

5. The oldest lighthouse in Michigan was built in 1829 for the second time and said to have a few haunts. Join Detroit Rock City’s investigation on Oct. 24, 2020 and see if they uncover any activity using a variety of techniques and equipment. Tickets at Eventbrite, limited availability.

6. The Cadillac House Inn & Tavern is a registered historic location from the mid-nineteenth century and is said to be haunted by a ghost named George. The staff won’t deny that he has a strong presence in the hotel and so will those that have investigated themselves.

Photo: Lost in Michigan

7. The Legend of Minnie Quay has many accounts of her presence walking the shoreline of Lake Huron in the quiet town of Forester. Her grave is heavily visited where an abundance of trinkets in remembrance of her broken heart are left by visitors. There is a Facebook page dedicated to telling her story or visit Michigan’s Otherside or Find a Grave.

8. The spirit of Catherine Shook, Michigan’s first female light-keeper, is said to haunt the Point Aux Barques Lighthouse and shoreline near the tip of Michigan’s Thumb. This site was investigated by East Michigan Paranormal Society according to Huron County Parks or visit Lost in Michigan for their take on it.

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*Blue Water Area Convention & Visitors Bureau Disclaimer: This list is from online data and is in no way is proven factual or our personal opinion. Do not ever enter private property or public properties after posted hours of operation or go into buildings without permission. Respect all locations and those that live around the locations you visit. Do not leave anything behind that may be considering littering. Do not ever bring a memento or keepsake from the places you visit. We will not be held liable for what may or may not happen on this haunted and potentially scary journey, we recommend you tell someone where you plan to go and never go anywhere alone or where you feel could be dangerous to you or others.

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