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Land Back: Our Teachers, Our Truth, Our Connection to Mother Earth

Friday, April 26, 2024
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm (Expired)
Port Huron Museums Carnegie Museum
1115 Sixth Street
Port Huron, MI 48060 (810) 982-0891
Cost: $30
Join us for an evening with Anishinabek traditional knowledge keeper Nathan Wright as he shares the Seven Fires Prophecy with an herbal twist and ties them into the land back movement.
Have you ever wondered about the strong bond and reverence Native Americans have to the land? “Land Back" is more than a slogan—it symbolizes the call for the restoration of Indigenous lands to Indigenous hands. The Indigenous viewpoint on land encompasses a deep-rooted awareness and sense of duty toward Mother Earth.
Nathan will weave his experiences as a wild forager, cold water enthusiast, and water protector with his goal of creating an enlightening and inspiring experience for you.
Whether you are a gardener, wild forager, herbalist, or simply a lover of nature, this event will deepen your connection to the land and provide a better understanding of its indigenous people.
Also available for participants to purchase will be prepared tinctures, Handcrafted syrups, tinctures, balms, wild-harvested bark teas, and other natural remedies. Learn more about Nathan’s work at https://herballodge.com/.
Nathan Wright, also known by his spiritual name Spiritman from the Sun or Giizus Su Win en eh, is an Indigenous Herbalist and descendant of medicine people from both sides of his family. His ancestral knowledge of plant medicine has been passed down through generations and he continues this legacy by ethically wild harvesting and preparing medicines using traditional methods.
As the owner of the Herbal Lodge, a Native American and veteran-owned company, Nathan focuses on creating natural and organic pain relief and medicinal tea products using wild-harvested herbs and mushrooms. He is dedicated to revitalizing lost Anishinabek medicines and traditions, while also incorporating modern techniques for the benefit of his community.
Nathan is not only an Indigenous Herbalist but also a certified mushroom expert. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in both fields, making him a highly sought-after teacher and speaker. His teachings about Indigenous Treaty Rights and the need to protect our lands and waters for harvesting herbal medicines have been featured in the film Troubled Water, which can be found on popular streaming networks.
Currently residing in Petoskey, Michigan, Nathan shares his wisdom with others through various online videos covering Anishinabek culture, healthy lifestyles, cold water experiences, and herbal teachings. He has also taught plant-related classes at libraries, universities, and other institutions throughout Michigan.
All events for this series will have the following available for purchase: prepared tinctures, frozen Hawthorn Berries, and Medicinal seeds and plants. A curation of syrups, tinctures, balms, wild-harvested bark teas, and other natural remedies will also be on hand to enrich your personal apothecary and botanical haven.
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