Nasr Natural Science Museum
323 Erie St. Port Huron, MI 48060

In 2013 St. Clair County Community College’s Natural Science Museum expanded to encompass 3,100 square feet of exhibits and now houses the largest collection of fossil artifacts in the Thumb region.   The museum has been renamed in honor of Dr. Bassam H. Nasr, a local physician, who contributed to the expansion.  

The Nasr Natural Science Museum 
allows visitors to get a close-up look at more than 560 million years of geologic history,It's inaugural theme will be “Making of a Fossil: Michigan’s Legacy,” and will feature artifacts that explain how certain plants and animals become fossilized. Highlighted artifacts are of Michigan origin.

The museum centerpiece will be the newest fossil collection at SC4, a group of 41 mammoth bones on loan from Roderick and Marilyn Walsh of Ubly. The collection includes a shoulder blade, lower jaw bone, ribs, foot bones and vertebrae. The 10,000-year-old mammoth was unearthed from the Walsh family farm in 1973.

The expanded fossil area accompanies other exhibits previously on display including: 

  • A life-size woolly rhinoceros skeleton replica.
  • 3-foot tyrannosaurus rex skull or a triceratops skull.
  • Touch a 200-pound petrified log.
  • Large bird gallery.
  • Touch a 120-pound block of salt from the Detroit Salt Mine
  • Extensive mineral collection.
  • Fossilized dinosaur egg
The Nasr Natural Science Museum is located on the first floor of the Clara E. Mackenzie Building.

Hours: Mon-Thurs: 8am-8pm / Fri-Sat: 8am-4:30pm / Sun: by apt. only

TOLL FREE: 800-852-4242  LOCAL: 810-987-8687

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